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Tips for trips

A few suggestions for active recreation in Josef Lada Region follow. The suggested trips follow tourist trails leading through an undulating terrain and are designed as walks for families. You can also use bikes or cross-country skis. Buying the 1: 50 000 map for Prague-East (Praha východ) published by the Czech Tourist Club is recommended for easy navigation. This map gives you detailed information about the network of marked walking trails. For further information contact the information centre in Říčany.

 With Mikeš in Hrusice

Set off on this trip and you will be rewarded by romantic views of the hilly landscape of Central Bohemia we all know so well from pictures by Josef Lada. You can swim in the Hubačov lake. The trail is easy, 7 km long and suitable for families with children

  • Transport:
    • By train from Prague Main Station via Benešov u Prahy – disembark at Mirošovice.
  • Lane: Mirošovice train station 0 km /yellow trail/ - Hubačov - Hrusice - Na Šmejkalce crossroads - /red trail/ Hrušov - Senohraby train station
  • Length: 7 km. 


21en_1_big.jpg  ONDŘEJOV OBSERVATORYThe trip starts in Mnichovice. You will see an ancient oak in Myšlín. It is said that Jan Žižka rested under this oak after a campaign. On weekends, you can include a guided tour of the Ondřejov observatory on the Manda hill in your trip. You can also stroll through the beautiful park with some rare tree species and a monument built in 1843 in memory of the volunteers of the academic regiment, which fought against Napoleon in 1800. Night sky observation can be arranged in advance from spring to autumn. Finally, do not forget to take a walk through the picturesque town of Ondřejov, which was founded in the 13th century and has been a popular holiday destination since the end of the last century.

  • Transport:
    • By train from Prague Main Station via Benešov u Prahy – disembark at Mnichovice.
  • Lane: Mnichovice train station 0 km - /yellow trail/ Myšlín, Žižka’s oak – Ondřejov observatory - Ondřejov - /blue trail to the right, then green trail/ - Senohraby train station
  • Length:14 km. 



If you are more experienced hikers, you can continue along blue trail to the right to Ondřejov and return to Senohraby along red trail – the trip will be 16 km long.

Josef Lada painted many water sprites. If you can see ruins of a castle in the background, you are looking at a picture of Hláska. This is a very romantic trail with an opportunity to take a swim.

  • Transport:  Groups with small children should return via blue trail on the left to the Senohraby train station – the trail is 6.5 km long.
  • Lane:Senohraby train station 0 km - /yellow trail/ Zlenice - Hláska - /red trail/ along the Sázava river.
  • Length:6,5 km. 


 ŘÍČANY – a town of nature and history

21en_2_big.jpgContinuous green band of forests, lakes, swimming pools and a very clean environment – this is typical for the town of Říčany situated just on the border of Prague. The trail will guide you not only through this town surrounded by nature, but also through the town’s history dating back as far as 748, when the battle for Říčany homestead took place. You will also see ruins of the castle built in the 13th century and later seized by Jan Žižka. The new development of the town of Říčany following the decline after the Thirty Years War is connected with the construction of the royal and imperial railway from Prague to Vienna in 1869and the names of many famous personalities, such as Dr. Thomayer, Augustin Sedláček, Antonín Švehla, Oldřich Nový and Vítězslav Nezval.


    • By train   from Prague Main Station via Benešov u Prahy, disembark at Říčany.
    • By car - Černoskostelecká road, D1 motorway. 
    • By bus  from Prague from the Skalka or Opatov underground stations.  
  • Lane: Říčany train station 0 km – Říčany town square – Information Centre – Říčany castle – return through the square – continue along Olivova street to the railway crossing - /blue trail/ Pod křížem - /green trail/ Olivovna - Rokytka, small road bridge (nature trail) - Jureček swimming pool - /green trail/ Říčany train station
    Length:11,5 km 



 VODĚRADY BEECH GROVESVoděrady beech woods are among the very few forests near Prague that have escaped the impact of our modern civilisation. These forests give you a unique insight into the natural composition of forests in Central Bohemia as it was centuries ago, including wild flowers and birds that used to thrive in this area. The nature trail will lead you to the most interesting parts of the vast woods. The trail also passes a marked archaeological site and round stones that remind of mill stones. Experts believe that these stones were once used for crushing non-ferrous ores.

  • Transport:
    • By bus from the Skalka underground station.
    • By car  to the car park below St. Josef on the Struhařov – Jevany road
  • Lane:Struhařov bus stop 0 km - /yellow trail/ crossroads by the Zvánovický creek - /green trail – to the right/ crossroads at the mill stones – left along the road and left to red trail after the Voděrady lake – follow red trail to the nature trail; the nature trail is marked in blue - /yellow trail – to the left/ crossroads -/road/ Struhařov, bus stop
    Length:15 km. 


 Kamenice - Štiřín

This trail will lead you to places connected with the Ringhoffer family, which lived in and looked after the Kamenice region from 1820. To name but a few examples of the impact this family has on the region – the Ringhoffer family established a copper mill in the village, thus starting the local industrial tradition, and reconstructed the Kamenice and Štiřín chateaus. The Ringhoffer family crypt with a statue of crucified Jesus by J. V. Myslbek is also an impressive sight. If you want to take a short detour, you can stroll through a beautiful avenue of trees /red trail/ to the Kamenice chateau, which is now a private property. The beautiful English-style park of the Štiřín castle provides any opportunities for sport and culture. You can swim in the Kamenice - ŠtiřínStruhařov lake.

  • Transport:
    • By bus from Prague from the Budějovická or Roztyly underground station.
    • By car übvia the “old Benešov road”. 
  • Lane: Kamenice, Nová Hospoda 0 km - /green trail/ Kostelec u Křížků - /blue trail/ Ringhoffer family crypt - Kamenice - Struhařov - U Všedobrovic crossroads - /green trail/ Štiřín 8.5 km - Kamenice, Nová Hospoda
  • Length:  9,5 km 



BILLY GOAT IN VELKÉ POPOVICEThe trail leads through an exceptionally beautiful undulating landscape of the Velkopopovicko nature park. The chateau in Lojovice, which was reconstructed to its current form in the mid 18th century, currently houses an addiction rehabilitation centre of the General Faculty Hospital in Prague. Excursions of the Velké Popovice brewery can be arranged in advance by phone – 323623425.


    • By train from Prague Main Station to Strančice, then by bus no. 361. 
    • By bus from Prague from the Roztyly underground station.
  • Lane: Říčany, train station 0km /blue trail/ - Říčanský les, Pod křížem / green trail/ - Tehov - V Jedlici crossroads /yellow trail/ - Klokočná - Mnichovice train station
  • Length: 13 km 



 FOR CONNOISSEURSCross-country skiing enthusiasts will know this trail very well. The trail will take you to the picturesque village of Klokočná, where a rare treat awaits all connoisseurs. Mr. Sapík, the owner and chef of the U koně restaurant, and his wife have cooked for many prominent personalities, including the Pope and the British queen. If you visit the Na Klokočné restaurant, you are also guaranteed very satisfying experience. The village also has a gallery. After you have satisfied your hunger, you can head for Mnichovice, which used to be a popular skiing destination for people from Prague.

  • Transport:
    • By train from Prague main Station via Benešov u Prahy to Říčany.  
  • Lane: Říčany, train station 0km /blue trail/ - Říčanský les, Pod křížem / green trail/ - Tehov - V Jedlici crossroads /yellow trail/ - Klokočná - Mnichovice train stationLength: 11 km.  



If the weather turns against you, you can go on a shopping spree. Shop for fashion in the Spektrum shopping mall or in Nico magazzini, sports equipment can be purchased in Gigasport, drinks in Twin, and why not look at some cars in the Citroen, Jaguar, Volvo and Toyota showrooms. And you will find just about anything in Hypernova and Makro (wholesale only). You can choose from a wide range of fast food shops and popular children’s corners.

  • Transport: 
    • By car via D1 motorway - Průhonice EXIT or by bus from the Opatov underground station (PID).