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Significant church monuments

Numerous important religious monuments closely linked to the earliest stages of the Czech history are located in Josef Lada Country. One of the first deaneries in the Czech lands was established in Říčany. Numerous settlements in the region, such as Mnichovice, were founded as strategic points along the route between Prague and the Sázava monastery for monks travelling to and from this at the time important cultural centre of the Czech lands. 

  • Čestlice - The St.Prokop´s Church– the original gothic church was reconstructed in the 19th century; its interior includes baroque paintings. 
  • Hrusice (image 1) - St. Wenceslas church - the first mention of the church dates back to the period before 1200. The unique Romanesque compound portal of red sandstone was reconstructed in the baroque style..
  • Kunice (image.2) - St. Mary Magdalene church - an early gothic church from the 14th century with baroque reconstruction, a Madonna statue from around 1500. 
  • Kostelec u Křížků -St. Martin church - originally Romanesque rotunda with an apse from the 12th century; remains of gothic paintings from the 14th century can be seen in the presbytery and a baroque statue of St. Jan Nepomuk near the cemetery gate.
  • Mnichovice - church of the Birth of Our Lady - the church built on the foundations of a Romanesque church from the 12th century has an interesting pulpit in the shape of a whale.
  • Ondřejov -St. Simon and Judas church - the building dating back to the Romanesque times was reconstructed in the baroque style in the 17th century; two linden trees in front of the church entrance are from the time of Maria Theresa’s rule.
  • Říčany -frescos from the period around 1400 can be seen in the originally gothic St. Peter and Paul church, which was reconstructed in the baroque style in 1719. 
  • Říčany - Jažlovice - Kirche des hl. Wenzel – Barockkirche, ursprünglich romanische Rotunde, interessante neu entdeckte Wandmalereien aus dem 15. Jh. 
  • Velké Popovice -church of Our Lady of the Snow - the church dating back to the 14th century has been reconstructed a number of times; the baroque facia is the work of K. I. Dienzenhofer.
  • Zvánovice - St. Jan Nepomuk chapel from the 19th century.