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Natural attractions

Voděrady beech woods

bunicinyVoděrady beech woods are a national nature reserve. The extensive woods provide conditions in which many species of the local fauna can thrive. The nature trail winding through the reserve is one of the oldest nature trails in Bohemia. Beech groves growing at 350 - 500 m above the sea level are the main focus of the conservation efforts. Mainly acidophilic Luzulo-Fagetum beech forests with occasional common oak, aspen, linden and birch trees can be found in the reserve. Herbaceous plants typical for the area include white wood-rush, wavy hair-grass, May lily, wood-sorrel, sweet woodruff and wood anemone. Besides the usual forest fauna, a variety of bird species can be seen here. These include black woodpecker, goshawk and black stork. Small fauna includes an endemic species of caddis and northern species of proturans, mites and springtails.

Kamenka quarry  - a small detour from the tourist trail junction below St. Jan takes you to a former quarry, where one of the foundations stones for the National Theatre in Prague was extracted.

Božkov lake

jezirkoThe protected area spreading over 1.29 ha was established in 1988. It is a wetland biotope in a depression with an impervious base sustained by rainwater. Pools with reeds can be found in the central part. The protected area includes original alder woods. Significant herbaceous plants growing in the area include yellow iris, common bladderwort, ivy duckweed and broad-leaved helleborine. The location is home to numerous species of birds and amphibians, such as smooth newt and fire-bellied toad. Certain rare invertebrate species can also be spotted in the area. .


 Velkopopovicko nature park

parkLocated south from Velké Popovice, the park was established in 1993 in order to protect the clean environment and unique character of the local landscape. The park is especially important for the presence of healthy full-grown forests, some strictly protected species and the overall preserved natural composition of individual landscape segments. The area is virtually free of industry and extensive farming, logging and holiday huts. It functions as an important reservoir of underground water. The location is used for hunting (presence of fallow deer, roe deer and wild boar).