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Discovering Josef Lada Country



 Trail for lovers of beautiful nature and good beer

Transport : Velké Popovice can be reached by train from Prague Main Station to Strančice, then by bus no. 461. You can also take a bus from Prague from the Opatov underground station. You can travel to Kamenice by bus from Prague from the Budějovická underground station or by bus no. 461 from Stančice.

For relaxed sightseers(6 km)

#Velké Popovice brewery (0 km) - (blue trail) U Všedobrovic crossroads (3.5 km) - (green trail) Štiřín (5 km) - Kamenice - Nová Hospoda (6 km).



Medium (11 km)

#Kamenice - Nová Hospoda (0 km) - (green trail) Štiřín (1 km) - U Všedobrovic crossroads (2.5 km) - (blue trail) Velké Popovice brewery (6 km) - (green trail) Kunice (9 km) - Strančice (11 km).

For keen hikers(16,5 km)

#Velké Popovice brewery (0 km) - (blue trail) U Všedobrovic crossroads (3.5 km) - (green trail) Štiřín (5 km) - Kamenice - Nová Hospoda (6 km) - Kostelec u Křížků (7.5 km) - (blue trail) Ringhoffer family crypt (9 km) - Kamenice (9.5 km) - Struhařov (11 km) - U Všedobrovic crossroads (13 km) - Velké Popovice brewery (16.5 km)

Tourist attractions:

Kamenice | Kostelec u Křížků | Velké Popovice | PIVOVAR VELKÉ POPOVICE

  •  Kamenice
    • Kamenice chateau - the original baroque building was reconstructed in the English neo-gothic style. The chateau was owned by Baron F. Ringhoffer from 1860. 
    • Štiřín chateau  - the baroque chateau was transformed into a hotel and was the first establishment in the Czech Republic to become a member of the Association of European Castle Hotels and Restaurants. The chateau is surrounded by a beautiful English-style park used partially as a golf course.
    • Ringhoffer family crypt – a valuable architectural monument with a statue of the crucified Jesus by J. V. Myslbek. The Ringhoffer family greatly influenced the development of the region in the 19th century.
  •  Kostelec u Křížků:
    • St. Martin church - originally Romanesque rotunda with an apse from the 12th century; remains of gothic paintings from the 14th century can be seen in the presbytery.
  •  Velké Popovice:
    • Brewery - established in 1874 by Baron F. Ringhoffer. Original neo-gothic premises designed by the Czech architect Josef Stibral. Synthesis of the old brewing tradition with the latest trends in enterprise. The brewery keeps a live mascot – Olda the billy goat. 
    • Church of Our Lady of the Snow - built in the 14th century, the baroque facia is believed to be the work of K. I. Dientzenhofer.
    • Velkopopovicko nature park - south from Velké Popovice, the park is popular for its unique landscape.
    • Velké Popovice brewery is one of the largest enterprises in the Prague-East district. Visitors can find out the secrets of brewing the famous beer - Velkopopovický Kozel. The brewery in Velké Popovice is currently owned by the Plzeňský Prazdroj, a. s., a company belonging to the group of one of the largest beer manufacturers worldwide - SABMiller.

      Ringhofferova 1, 251 69 Velké Popovice
      tel.:  +420 323 683 311    

      Exkurze na objednávku:
      tel./fax:+420 323 683 425       



 Trail for those who love pictures by Josef Lada and stars in the sky

Transport : Mnichovice, Mirošovice and Senohraby are all stations on the line from Prague main Station to Benešov u Prahy (the stations follow in this exact order).

For relaxed sightseers  (7 km)

#Mirošovice train station (0 km) - (yellow trail) Hubačov (1 km) - Hrusice (2.5 km) - Na Šmejkalce crossroads (4 km) - (red trail) Hrušov (6 km) - Senohraby train station (7 km


Medium ( 16 km)

#Senohraby train station (0 km) - (yellow trail) Zlenice - Hláska (2.5 km) - (red trail) along the Sázava river (4 km) - (blue trail to the right) Lensedly (6.5 km) - Ondřejov (9.5 km) - (yellow trail) Ondřejov observatory (10.5 km) - (red trail) Na Šmejkalce crossroads (13 km) - Hrušov (15 km) - Senohraby train station.


For keen hikers  (19,5 km)

#Mnichovice train station (0 km) - (red trail) Dolní Lomnice (3.5 km) - (blue trail) Mirošovice (6 km) - (yellow trail) Hubačov (7 km) - Hrusice (8.5 km) - (yellow trail) Na Šmejkalce crossroads (10 km) - (red trail) Ondřejov (11.5 km) - (yellow trail) Ondřejov observatory (12.5 km) – Žižka’s oak (16.5 km) - Mnichovice train station (19.5 km).



Hrusice | Lensedly | Mnichovice | Ondřejov | Senohraby

  •  Hrusice
    • St. Wenceslas church – built before 1200, the church has a unique Romanesque compound portal of red sandstone and a baroque altar from the 18th century.
    • Josef Lada memorial – a permanent exhibition of the work of Josef Lada and his daughter Alena Ladová. (Tel.:+420 323 655 204       )
    • An exhibition of models created by A. Jedlička – models of Hrusice houses and characters that appear in Lada’s work located in the local authority building. 
      (Tel.: +420 323 655 326       )
    • Hospoda u Sejků – the pub is famous mainly due to Lada’s drawing entitled “Village Pub Brawl”.
  •  Lensedly
    • Heritage village zone – unique rural houses. Mnichovice.
  •  Mnichovice
    • Church of the Birth of Our Lady - the church built on the foundations of a Romanesque church from the 12th century has an interesting pulpit in the shape of a whale from the 18th century.
    • A column dedicated to Our Lady - 7 m tall, constructed in 1713. 
    • Statue of St. Jan Nepomuk - carved from red sandstone in the 17th century.
    • Šibeniční hill - historical execution grounds.
    • Zitta’s mill - a very valuable example of rural architecture, the mill built before 1600 is exceptionally well preserved. An exhibition of milling equipment is to open in the mill (opening is expected in the second half of 2005), residential sections will illustrate the life in a mill in the centuries long passed. 
  •  Ondřejov
    • Observatory - established in 1898 by Josef Frič, the observatory currently houses the Astronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences CR. The new observatory boasts one of the largest telescopes in Europe. Guided tours: May - September. (Tel.: +420 323 649 201)
    • St. Simon and Judas church - the original Romanesque building was reconstructed in the baroque style in the 17th century; two linden trees in front of the church entrance are from the time of Maria Theresa’s rule.
  •  Senohraby
    • Hláska - ruins of the Zlenice castle established around 1300; the ruins became Josef Lada’s favourite theme.



 Additional suggestions for discovering Josef Lada Country


#Říčany train station - (blue trail) - Říčanský les, Pod křížem (4 km) - (green trail) Tehov (5 km) - V Jedlici crossroads (6.5km) - (yellow trail) Klokočná (8 km) - Mnichovice train station (11 km).

Klokočná is a picturesque village with a beautiful square and a gallery. If you visit the well-known restaurant U koně, Mr. Sapík, the owner and chef and his family will look after you as well as they did when they prepared meals for the Pope or the British queen.

If you believe that the world looks so much better from a saddle, visit one of the ranches in Svojetice. To get to Svojetice, follow cycling trail no. 0031 from the V Jedlici crossroads.

Transport : Říčany and Mnichovice are both on the railway line from Prague Main Station to Benešov 


#Struhařov bus stop (0 km) - (yellow trail) Na Zvánovickém potoce crossroads (1.5 km) - (green trail to the right) Zvánovice - crossroads at the mill stones (3 km) – left along marked cycling trail no. 0023 – left to red trail after the Voděrady lake (3.7 km) – follow red trail to the nature trail; the nature trail is marked in blue (9.5 km) - (yellow trail to the left) crossroads (12 km) - (road) Struhařov bus stop (15 km).

Voděrady beech woods are among the very few forests near Prague that have escaped the impact of our modern civilisation. The nature trail will lead you to the most interesting parts of the vast woods. The trail also passes a marked archaeological site and round stones that remind of mill stones. Experts believe that these stones were once used for crushing non-ferrous ores.

  • Transport : A bus from the Skalka underground station operates to Struhařov.


#“Journey with Mikeš” from Hrusice to Říčany. The trail is approximately 20 km long and includes 12 stops with signs. You can read extracts from Mikeš – a book by Josef Lada and beautiful pictures related to the places where Mikeš the tomcat enjoyed his adventures. The trail is to open in May 2005.

“Fairytale Hrusice” Five information signs placed in important sites in Hrusice as a reminder of the most famous fairytales by Josef Lada that take place in the author’s birthplace. The signs will be installed in May 2005. 


 For shopaholics

Shopping is yet another alternative for your free time in Josef Lada Country, especially if the weather turns against you. Shopping zones in Čestlice and Modletice offer virtually anything – from food to clothes, shoes, sports equipment, furniture or cars. Hungry shoppers can visit the popular local fast food shops.

  • Transport : Čestlice and Modletice can be reached by bus from the Opatov underground station.